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03 Mar River City Rip

For the most part, riders living around large urban centers are relegated to creating lines off staircases or any concrete structures that look doable. Sure, fun can be had on the street, but it can never replace that feeling you get from dancing with your bike in and out of corners on a narrow stretch of single track. But that type of trail riding can’t be found living in the pits of a concrete jungle. Or can it?


In the city of Richmond, Virginia, a burgeoning bike culture has helped shape a unique perspective on city planning and trail building possibilities within an urban center. Surprisingly, Richmond is home to over 40 miles of world-class singletrack trails, most of which sit right smack in the middle of the city’s downtown. Richmond’s local James River Park system and trail building organization, RaMORE, have somehow managed to get the very most riding enjoyment out of the extremely small stretch of available green space that hugs the banks of the mighty James river which cuts the city in two.


This short film captures the essence and fun that can be had riding one of Richmond’s more popular trail loops, Forest Hill Park.

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