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Virginia Outside


Virginia Outside

Virginia Outside started their programs because the outdoors are important to them, whether fishing, mountain biking, hiking, or just exploring.

Somewhere along the line each member of their staff received a gift, the gift of being introduced to the outdoors. With that knowledge comes the responsibility of passing on their passions for the outdoors to the next generation. It’s why they do what we do.

Remember when you came home from school and your mom would tell you to go outside and play? They think your mom was pretty smart! Turn off the T.V., the video games. Put down the soccer cleats and the ballet shoes.

Go get dirty, explore a path by the river and see what critters live there, climb a tree, take the time to pick up that rock and see what lurks beneath, build a fort…just go outside and play.

You can either visit their site via the button below.

All info on this page has been pulled from www.virginiaoutside.com