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03 Mar City Lines

City Lines is a passion project for two Richmond, Virginia riders. A project born out of their love for not only riding, but filming their favorite local trails. Their first installment of the City Lines series highlights The Buttermilk Trail, a short section of the James River Park trail system, otherwise known as “JRPS” by the locals.

Rock_Jump copy

The Buttermilk is characterized by punchy technical climbs, descents and rock filled creek crossings. The trail is carved into the banks of the river, weaving in out of the limited space between the adjacent River Side Drive and the mighty James River. It’s this crafty use of urban green space that makes the trail so special.


We often marvel at how the local IMBA trail building chapter, RVA MORE and the park system have been able to get so much great trail out of such a limited amount of real estate. One has to experience it to truly appreciate the work, but as the opening of the film hints to, there’s very little that separates the deep forest-like trails from the city streets above them.


The Buttermilk is a trail that throws riders plenty of worthy challenges. Enough to keep even the most seasoned riders on their game. So much so that this trail has become a staple race location for the national Xterra race series. We hope this video provides you with a small taste of one the trail treasures we have here in RVA. Most importantly, we hope it inspires you to go out and enjoy your local trails just the same.

Disclaimer: The Buttermilk Trail is a well trafficked multi-user trail. This video was filmed with a spotter to ensure no trail users were in danger. Always remember to respect your fellow trail users and use proper trail etiquette.

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